The Nutcracker:Is it right for my family?things to consider:

Performing in MDSB’s Nutcracker is a joyful learning experience for dancers.  However, it’s not always right for every child or every family. Please consider the following before you decide to commit to participation.
  • Is my child ready? The Nutcracker requires that a child be able to handle the requirements of a large-scale production.  These include being able to follow directions, waiting patiently during rehearsals, performing on stage without “mugging” to the audience, and displaying respect for all other dancers and teachers.  Performance Week hours are long.  Every effort is made to accommodate our youngest dancers but, even so, they are expected to work attentively and to focus throughout the season.
  • Can my child commit to the time requirement? The Nutcracker requires a significant time commitment from both dancers and parents. Dancers will rehearse outside of our regular classes, sometimes for several hours (on both Saturdays and Sundays) — as well as some weekday evenings — beginning as early as September.  Our very youngest dancers will begin rehearsing later in the fall and for fewer hours, but may be asked to rehearse on Saturdays and Sundays.

Rehearsals are required for all dancers.

Repeated absences may result in a dancer being asked to leave the production.

    • Once the troupe moves into the theater on the Tuesday before the first performance, on-stage rehearsals begin in the early afternoon and continue into the evening.  Dancers may be required to obtain permission from their academic school to leave early during production week. And dancers who are committed to a sport or another production or other school activities will likely not be eligible to participate in The Nutcracker.
  • Can my family commit to the time requirement? Every family is required to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours — or pay a Buyout Fee of $650.00.  Families who do not volunteer will be charged the buyout fee at the end of the production. There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to suit all abilities and schedules.  Some jobs may be done after hours at home. We’ll be sending out a list of volunteer duties soon.
  • Can my family afford the Nutcracker? Mandatory participation fees range from $645 to $990, depending on a child’s level. These fees cover things such as rehearsals and coaching, theater rental, costume maintenance (excluding tights, shoes and leotards), production photos and professional downloadable videos of all performances.
    • A 10 Ticket (minimum) purchase is also required.
    • There are supplemental optional expenses including program ads and additional photographs of your child.
    • There are no scholarships for participation in The Nutcracker as there are substantial costs to be covered for performances in a professional theater.
    • No family may trade volunteer hours for participation fees.  All are required to volunteer – or pay the buyout fee.

We welcome all current, full-time MDSB students
to participate in our Nutcracker production,
beginning in Pre Ballet 2.

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