Where are you located?

Our studio is located inside the Equitable Life building at 3435 Wilshire Blvd in Koreatown. We are on the 2nd Floor.

Where do I park at the new studio?

There is metered parking on Mariposa or Alexandria between Wilshire and 6th. Make sure you read parking signs carefully as some spots are for commercial use only. You may also park in the Equitable Building parking garage. After 5:00pm weekdays and all day on the weekend, parking is $5. Weekday parking before 5:00pm is $3 for 15 minutes – and does not exceed $18. The H-Mart parking garage next to the Equitable building also offers parking at a low rate. Please make sure to read all the signs.

Once I park, how do I get to the studio?

If parking in the garage, go from LP (Lower Plaza…which you can also reach by walking into the garage on foot, if parking on the street) and take the elevator to P (Plaza Level/building lobby level). Change elevators once you’re in the main building lobby. Go to the easternmost elevator bank, press 2 and that will both call the elevator and pre-program it to stop on the 2nd floor. Once you reach the 2nd floor, you will see signs directing you to MDSB.

At what age can my child begin taking classes at MDSB?

Students must be at least 3 years old to enroll in our Creative Movement class. New students must wait until they’ve had their 3rd birthday before enrolling. We also ask that all new students be fully potty-trained.

How does MDSB determine which class level my child should take?

Teachers will observe new students in a placement class. Based on technique, coordination, and maturity level, the teacher will recommend an appropriate level. Please know that often students are expected to spend at least one to two years in a particular level before moving up to the next. Level advancements happen once a year, at the end of each spring semester.

How do I register my child for classes?

After your child has taken a placement class and a level has been determined by one of our teachers, you may register online at your convenience. If you have trouble registering for a class, you may contact our office during regular office hours for assistance at 323-965-0333.

How much do classes cost?

MDSB operates similarly to an academic school in that families pay for a full semester of classes. Specific tuition amount will depend on your child’s level, the number of classes they register for in a week, and how long the semester lasts. Spring is the longest semester, so it will always cost more than Fall or Summer semesters. MDSB classes start at $28 per hour.

May I bring my child to a class occasionally and just pay for individual classes?

No. MDSB does not offer “drop-in” classes. Students must be registered for classes for an entire semester and tuition will be calculated as such. We do this because we strongly believe that practicing ballet routinely is the only way to gain benefit from it.

Does MDSB offer classes for boys?

Yes! We offer multiple levels of boys’ classes for students ages 3 to 18 years old. 3 to 4 year old boys are welcome to join our Creative Movement classes. At 5 and 6, boys can take Pre Ballet. At around 7 years old, we separate the boys from girls and offer classes designed specifically for boys.

What about classes for adults?

We currently offer Intermediate/Advanced level classes for adults as well as Ballet for Beginners (Teens and Adults). Classes are $27 each, or you may purchase a 10-class card for $220 or a 5-class card for $120. There is not a specific dress code for our adult classes, but we do expect appropriate dance attire and proper ballet shoes be worn in the classroom. Please see our schedule on our Adult Class page.

If I have more than one child registered in the school, do I get a discount?

Yes! If there is more than one student in your family, we offer a 10% sibling discount on the lesser of the two tuitions. Any additional students (more than 2) will also receive the 10% discount.

Are parents allowed to watch the class?

Not from inside the classroom. If a teacher chooses to leave the door open (not all do), parents may watch from the hallway. Parents are not allowed to chat with or correct students who are in class. Out of respect for our dancers’ privacies, we ask that MDSB classes not be videoed at anytime.

What happens if my child misses a class?

Students are allowed to take a make-up class, provided that it’s taken within the current semester. Make-up classes do not roll-over to the next semester.

How many students are in a class?

Classes will vary depending on the level. Our pre-ballet classes, for example, do not exceed 12 students. For upper level classes however, the average is 15 to 20 students.

What should my child wear to class?

Girls should wear a leotard and matching georgette skirt in their appropriate level color. Dancers should wear pink tights and pink canvas shoes as part of their uniform. Hair must be worn up and away from the face, eyes, and neck. Small jewelry is ok. No hoop earrings, lace, sparkles or patterned leotards or skirts. Creative Movement and Pre Ballet dancers may wear a dance dress in the appropriate level color.

Boys should wear black leggings, tights, dance pants, or shorts (for our youngest boys) along with a white tee, white socks and white shoes. Black shoes/socks are also permitted. Please no graphic tees.

Where can I purchase the uniform?

We suggest shopping at The Dance Store (2509 S Robertson) or Discount Dance (online, or 2890 S La Cienega Blvd)

Do you rent tutus and costumes for performances other than those at MDSB? What about for Halloween or parties?

We currently are unable to rent costumes out to dancers outside of MDSB.

Are there any other expenses not indicated on the Class Price list?

MDSB charges $30 for each registration. A $45 installment fee is added to those paying tuition using our installment plan. Class uniforms are an additional cost, as are shoes and other dance accessories. There are also additional fees associated with participation in The Nutcracker, spring performance, the Summer Intensive program, and private lessons.

Are private lessons offered?

Yes, private lessons are available to enrolled students only. Scheduling must be handled through the office and not through the teachers. Please contact virginia@maratdaukayev.com for more information.

On which holidays do you NOT have classes?

MDSB holds classes everyday (when in session) except for the following holidays: New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.