Pre Ballet

Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet


Children begin by learning basic warm-up and stretch exercises in our Pre-Ballet classes. Warm-up routines are followed by simple, early ballet movements, taught to fun music in a playful environment. Children learn to follow instructions and cooperate with others in a group and a small vocabulary of ballet terms is introduced.


Tuition varies depending on the length of semester and when a child begins their class. As a general guideline, classes are $28 per hour. For more information, please visit our Admissions page, or email us at

Dress Code

Traditional leotards or dance dresses (leos with skirts attached) are acceptable as long as they are the appropriate color for the level. See the table below. Pink tights and pink ballet shoes are required for all Pre-Ballet levels. Hair must always be worn up and away from the face and neck (in a bun, if possible) and securely fastened.


Students must be on time to each class. If tardy, proper ballet etiquette requires standing in the doorway until the teacher invites the child to join the class. All of our littlest dancers must be potty trained before beginning class. We also suggest parents of those 5 and under remain in our lobby area for the duration of their child’s class. Teachers and staff can not be responsible for taking students to the restroom.


Creative Movement – Spring 2023

Wait ListCreative MovementSat9:15am-10:00am
RegisterCreative MovementSun9:15am-10:00am

Pre Ballet 1 – Spring 2023

RegisterPre Ballet 1Tue4:00pm-5:00pm
Wait ListPre Ballet 1Sat10:00am-11:00am
Wait ListPre Ballet 1Sun10:00am-11:00am

Pre Ballet 2 – Spring 2023

Wait ListPre Ballet 2Sat11:00am-12:00pm
Wait ListPre Ballet 2Sun11:00am-12:00pm